What Being a Man Means to Jeremiah

Becoming a man is all a state of mind.

It’s when a man gets over his own infatuated selfish desires and begins to see the world beyond swag and designer.

A man is responsible for his actions and deeds. He learns to live with them because we are the decisions we make in life, and it is up to us to make the best of them.

A man is someone who notices his weaknesses. He can accept his flaws and all. He knows his journey is never over so he is always striving for more. He gives the weak a helping hand. He knows right from wrong. He can handle constructive criticism. He can provide for himself and others. He sets goals for himself knowing that, one day, he can achieve them.

A man doesn’t make decisions just for the moment; he makes decisions that he knows is going to positively impact his whole life. If this man messes something up, he goes back and corrects his mistakes. He has confidence in himself and everything he does.

Jeremiah Muhammad 12th Grade

Honor Roll, Football Team, MOST Club Member

McKinley Technology High School


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